Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time Out With Lindsey Kane

Recently, Lindsey took a little time out for Christian Military Wives...

Q&A time with Lindsey:

Where do you go when you need peace and quite?

The awesome thing about living by myself is that I can find peace and quiet within the walls of my own home!

I love to snuggle up on the couch and just sit, sometimes... or, one of my favorite things to do is to go to a park with my golden retriever Gabby. I also enjoy being outside with God!

The way I find true and lasting peace, that peace that surpasses all human understanding, is to spend quality time with the Prince of Peace. I also love going on walks where I can just think!

Have you been outside of the USA to participate on a mission trip?

Yes yes yes! It's my favorite thing to do! If I wasn't called to full-time music ministry in the USA, I would probably live overseas as a missionary. I hope to open an orphanage in Kenya one day! b

I have had the amazing opportunity of traveling to South Africa, Zambia, the Dominican Republic twice, and Mexico. These mission trips were life-changing and those times of ministry have played a vital role in my passion for the poor all over the world. There is nothing like loving on a child in poverty and speaking truth over their lives!

What are your goals as a singer/song writer?

My goal is two fold: to bring glory to God and passion to people. When iIm singing or leading worship, my hope is that whoever listens would be changed. My hope is that the audience would grow closer to God and that He would get glory through everything I say and sing.

I would love to continue traveling the country and ministering through music, but my number 1 goal is to bring glory to God! To spread His name and His fame through leading worship, speaking about Jesus, and sharing the originals songs that He has given me to minister with!

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