Saturday, April 19, 2008



Where do I start? Disciple - they look fierce. They look "tough."

While many kids are into heavy music, the lyrics are not good at all - however, Disciple offers heavy music Christian Lyrics.
Many of our Soldiers enjoy listening to hardcore music... it pumps them up, gets the adrenaline flowing... if your military man enjoys a screeching guitar, screaming music and lots of energy... have them check out Disciple. Disciple offers a crazy, hard, exciting music thrill - with a great twist... the twist of Christianity.
For those of you who have children...
One important question I asked Kevin Young (lead singer of Disciple) - is, "what would you tell parents who look at you and think that your kids should not listen to your music based on your looks?"

Kevin responded, "I urge you to take a good look at the lyrics of our songs... comb through our lyrics with a fine toothed comb. Parents should check into the music their kids want to listen to."

Myself, being a mother of a teenager and two others pushing teenage hood - this was a good answer.

I've talked to other secular music artists, and they have said things like... well your kid has to grow up and make decisions on their own someday.

While, this is true - as a parent I do want to make sure my kids are listeing to songs that have clean lyrics. Lyrics that promote Christianity... Kevin has that part right for sure!

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Need to go check their music out..thanks!