Saturday, April 19, 2008

KJ 52

On Thursday, I had a few minutes to visit with KJ-52. My friend, Annah of Shine Magazine invited me to sit in on a couple of interviews she had with KJ... I will say - KJ was very down to earth, and really does have a love for working with kids in the inner city.

KJ said that when he was a kid, he had very low self esteem... and the only way that his self esteem climbed, was when he found God. God gave him the power to forgive people who would say mean things to him, God gave him the strength to "not be afraid of what people said."

KJ specializes in Christian rap... he will make your feet tap - KJ is good at what he does... share his music with your cuz!

Umm, maybe I should leave the rapping to KJ? ;)

On a side note, I thought you'd all be interested in knowing that when our family goes away on a road trip, we become the "rapping family." My husband is M&M, I am Skittles - I have a lotta riddles...

Betcha' didn't know that about me. LOL

Over & Out For Now...

Baby Skittles

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